Saturday, October 3, 2009

Latest Event at Cresset Farm

We so much appreciate that almost 150 of you that responded to our early summer survey on Activities of interest for a
local Slow Food Chapter. We've been taking some time to mull over the potential activities and focus of our chapter.

Interest in ALL types of activities were similarly high, so we have
decided to try to hold our own (and partner with) a variety of

activities to meet the needs of all those interested.

We now have a series of interesting activities organized for the

fall. We are sharing these with you in this newsletter, and hope it encourages you to get involved, to join our Slow food chapter, or to come and learn more at the events.

We have already had tables at the Sustainable Living Fair and
Collaborative Conservation Conference, where we interacted with many of you.
Our next event will be held on Sunday afternoon October 11th at Cresset Farm (see below). Join us for good food, fun and good friendship!
A great way to start our convivium.

(Note: Convivium is Slow Food's term for a local chapter. It comes from the same root as convivial which means, literaly to "live with".)

Also, please consider showing support for the Farm to School movement, an international initiative by Slow Food this year. See the petition at:


Slow Food Cache La Poudre
Florian, Meg, Hill, Dawn, Liz and Kelsy

Soup at the Farm

Directly from Field to Pot

Sunday October 11th

Join Slow Food's newest chapter around a pot steaming in the cool autumn air at Cresset Farm overlooking the Big Thompson River. Pumpkin and Crème Fraiche Soup; Grass-fed Beef Oxtail and Root Vegetables; Baked Apple and Lemon Verbena infusion are some of the treats we are planning to prepare all together with the heirloom vegetables grown from seed selected and grown by Lawrence Holmes.



  • Slow Food Cache la Poudre First Social Event!
  • Enjoy Farm fresh Soup dinner made by the attendees from produce YOU picked in the field
  • Biodynamic Vegetable Garden and Pasture Tour
  • Kids Activities
  • Soup cooking demos

This event is:

  • BYOC (bring your own cup)
  • BYOS (bring your own spoon)
  • BYOB (bring your own adult beverage)


  • 1:00 pm Vegetable Garden Tour
  • 2:00 pm Pasture Tour
  • 4:00 pm Soup is Served
  • Slow Food members:
    Join Chef Florian at 12:00 noon to learn how to prepare the food


$9 per adult / $18 per family
Give more for the cause if you can
Event open to everyone (Slow Food Members will get to take Soup Home).

Address and Directions
Cresset Farm
503 S. County Road 1
Johnstown, CO 80534
(970) 278-0499 /

Take the Highway 34 exit east to County Road 1 (County Road 13), Turn right . The farm is about 1 mile south on the right side.

Make a difference, Join us today!

Slow Food Cache la Poudre is part of a growing movement that needs you. On Labor Day, more than 20,000 people came together across the country to show their support for getting real food in school. You are helping us send a powerful message to decision makers that this is a movement of people who think it’s time to change what kids eat at the lunch table. Thank you to so many of you who already support us through your participation and membership.

To keep building momentum and change our food system, we are counting on you to be part of our local chapter. If you’re not yet a member, you can join the organization with a donation of any amount through October 15. Giving during this time period DOUBLES YOUR IMPACT as your donation will be matched! Give more if you can and less if you can’t. The point is – we want you with us. Membership normally starts at $60, so please visit so you can take advantage of this offer and join today.

Your support will help legislators take notice of our cause, and your involvement in our chapter will make a difference. Please join us.