Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yogurt Making Workshop June 10th

Yogurt Making at Home
Thursday, June 10, 6-8:00pm, at River Rock Commons in Fort Collins
Six spaces are still available.

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Throughout history yogurt has been a superior way to store milk, especially in warm climates where some people still use dairy products without the convenience of refrigeration. Yogurt has always been considered a health food in the West. It was "discovered" by a French bacteriologist who believed that people who consumed yogurt on a regular basis enjoyed increased health and longevity. He isolated the beneficial bacteria that turn milk into yogurt, which allowed yogurt to become commercially produced. Today we know these beneficial bacteria also break down lactose, which makes yogurt easy to digest. Before the 1930's yogurt making was a daily ritual of most women who owned a diary animal. Today, yogurt making is far from a lost art and is as simple as ever. By learning to make your own yogurt you can ensure that your own delicious yogurt is made without added preservatives, sweeteners, or thickeners. Come to this RMSLA workshop to learn the ancient art of yogurt making and other information about dairy products. Class instruction by Kelsi Nagy, held at the River Rock Common House in Fort Collins, CO. Class details: $30 per person/12 people max.

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